Hi! I'm Joey Heflich - a freelance front-end developer.

I help small companies and organizations build websites that are usable, useful, responsive and easy to update. From the feedback I get from you and your team to the information we learn about your users, it's all about us making something that satisfies your wants and your audience's needs.

I can help you set goals, plan content updates and improve how you interact with your users, all the way from our first meeting to the project's completion. And no matter how complicated things get, it will always be important to me that your users can find what they need quickly and easily, and that your new intern can post a photo gallery and check on your site's stats while on the way to the afternoon meeting.

How I Do What I Do

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Sass, Bower, Gulp, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Foundation, Photoshop

What I'm Learning

React, ES6, Laravel

Want to Work Together?

Send me an e-mail.

A Little About Me

I'm a (lanky) nerd that's been making stuff on the web ever since I coded my first Geocities site. After a few post-college years of writing articles and doing the content creation thing, I went to doing web development full-time, because I wanted to help others create sites, experiences and communities that improved things for users like you. On a hourly basis, it might all look like code to anyone else, but to me, it's my way of providing help and maybe a sense of belonging for somebody, somewhere. And that's a great reason for me to plop down in front of my laptop every morning.

But when I'm away from work, I'm either reading, biking, podcasting, gaming or sipping an overpriced beer at a concert.

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